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Finding Bliss in the Depth of Winter

I love the words of Albert Camus:  “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” I remind myself of this every winter in Montana.  I… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: This is Snow Fun

It has been snowing steadily for almost 24 hours in Bozeman.  Everything looks fresh and sanitary, but it is COLD…Like 10 degrees cold!  Bur.  I got home from work today, feeling bad that… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: Back Home

We spent last weekend at my dad’s ranch, about 4 hours away from Bozeman.  The dogs LOVE when we visit my dad–mostly because there are thousands of acres for them to destroy, but… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: Season of Rituals

It snowed a good bit in Bozeman in the past week.  It was lovely to wake up to fat flakes falling gracefully through the quiet air.  The puppies always get giddy when they… Continue reading

Ski Bums in Training

Recently, my sister asked my husband and I to take our nieces and nephew up to Bridger Bowl for their ski lessons.  Since hanging out with our nieces and nephews is one of… Continue reading

Quick Defrost

If you are from Montana, you will totally get what I’m about to talk about.  If not, don’t worry, I will explain.  You see, here in the northern regions, we experience anywhere from… Continue reading