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Autumn and Gratitude

There must be something in the crisp fall air making me feel so cozy on the inside…and by cozy I mean grateful and happy and full. Maybe it has to do with moving… Continue reading

The Sunny Side {5}

The world can be a scary and sad place. That’s not what this post is about. Rather it’s about all that is good, happy, sunny, at least in my tiny life. More than ever, I’m… Continue reading

The Sunny Side {4}

What a full week it has been! We’ve had fun with friends and family, hiking, a Stitch Fix, camping, BBQing, lots of outdoor time, and Father’s Day festivities. Phew, I’m tired ya’ll. But… Continue reading

The Sunny Side {3}

This has been a good, but quite long, week for me. Matt left (me alone with the children) Sunday morning and did not return until Wednesday evening. I may or may not have… Continue reading

The Sunny Side {2}

What a wonderful week it has been…mostly. I’d say I have NOT been enjoying the 12 page research paper I’ve been working on. UGH. But other than that, I’ve got nothing to complain… Continue reading

New Month, New Me

Have you heard the phrase, “Let go or be dragged”?  I don’t know where I first came across it, but according to Google, this is a Zen proverb. Is it just me, or… Continue reading