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I would consider myself to be a creative type. My art comes out in the form of writing mostly, but I used to paint and sketch quite a bit. I love getting a bouquet… Continue reading

If I had a dollar…

When you have twins, there is a list of phrases that people say to you wherever you go. I always joke that if I had a dollar for every time someone said blank, I’d… Continue reading

That time I felt like an African tribe woman

While I was about to get in the shower this morning, I was interrupted by a crying Nora. I was already half naked as I went to soothe her and put her back… Continue reading

Stitch Fix Fixed It (#4)

Say that title 10 times fast! If you haven’t already, you should read my previous SF post from a couple of weeks ago. I got a real stinker of a box, and wasn’t… Continue reading

Stitch Fix #3: Pleather Pants Edition

This is my third stitch fix, and let me tell you sista, the third time is not always a charm! In fact, my fixes have progressively gotten worse. My first was a real… Continue reading

10 strange ways to know you’ve arrived at motherhood

You’ve grabbed both of your breasts simultaneously in public hoping to avoid leakage, or because you still can’t believe they went from a B to a DDD, or because you’re so tired you… Continue reading