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Ten Reasons I Feel Like a Fraud

The top 10 reasons I sometimes feel like a fraud.  I’m better online than in person! This is true. Virtual reality has a positive effect on me. I feel more outgoing and more… Continue reading


I would consider myself to be a creative type. My art comes out in the form of writing mostly, but I used to paint and sketch quite a bit. I love getting a bouquet… Continue reading

If I had a dollar…

When you have twins, there is a list of phrases that people say to you wherever you go. I always joke that if I had a dollar for every time someone said blank, I’d… Continue reading

That time I felt like an African tribe woman

While I was about to get in the shower this morning, I was interrupted by a crying Nora. I was already half naked as I went to soothe her and put her back… Continue reading

Stitch Fix Fixed It (#4)

Say that title 10 times fast! If you haven’t already, you should read my previous SF post from a couple of weeks ago. I got a real stinker of a box, and wasn’t… Continue reading

Stitch Fix #3: Pleather Pants Edition

This is my third stitch fix, and let me tell you sista, the third time is not always a charm! In fact, my fixes have progressively gotten worse. My first was a real… Continue reading