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Lessons Lately

About three weeks ago we made a temporary move about an hour away from home to live closer to Matt’s work. This has been stressful for me trying to get everything the kids and… Continue reading

The Great Camping Adventure of 2016

Let me start by asking if someone could please cue some violins playing sarcastically sad music?! Ok, now I’m ready. Having twins is hard. Everything we try to do is exponentially more difficult than… Continue reading

Spring Break in the Desert

Matt has an unusually late Spring Break in late April. Last year at this time we were all down hard with the stomach flu from hell. Needless to say, we didn’t do anything… Continue reading

New Month, New Me

Have you heard the phrase, “Let go or be dragged”?  I don’t know where I first came across it, but according to Google, this is a Zen proverb. Is it just me, or… Continue reading

Facebook Detox

You might know the feeling…scrolling, yawning, eyes burning, mind is numb, neck is stiff from looking down, finger or thumb is cramping. You may have told yourself that you just wanted to check… Continue reading

Life Update in Pictures

Thank God for iPhones, am I right?! I got to thinking this weekend that it has been too long since I backed up my photos and videos. I imagined what it would feel… Continue reading