Favorite Hearts Friday

I’d like to pass around some love today. The past couple of weeks, I’ve been seeing hearts everywhere! SO many hearts that I’ve stopped taking photos of all of them. I see them in the trash, the dirt, at work, on my clothes, in my food…everywhere. I’ve decided that I don’t need to capture each one of them on my camera, BUT I do need to take note of each and internalize the love that is all around me, even on the hard days. I’ve also decided that this attack of the hearts is reminding me to share and to give more love. Hence, this little post of some of my favorite hearts…

Just walking around Nice, France, and what do you know? A tiny pot-hole heart.IMG_0181_2

An accidental dog bed heart with may favorite furry creatures.


A beautiful, Bozeman, frozen, winter, ice heart.


A snow heart on our annual hike to Sacajawea Peak.  IMG_3479

In Amsterdam, on the sidewalk…An old food or puke heart?? I love finding love in the most unlikely places.


A fried pickle heart. MMMM.


A vibrant open flower heart.


The pea-pod heart. So dainty and perfect.IMG_4597

A heart in Paris. I love that an unknown kindred spirit painted this and that I got to travel thousands of miles to find it and appreciate it.


A cow heart. I love these.


Maybe my all time favorite. The elusive cloud heart…These are hard to come by and often shift-shape before a picture can be taken.


Here are some that I’ve found lately.

A Costco napkin heart.


A yellow sidewalk heart.


A heart on a paper towel.


A heart on my healthy, GF/DF, banana shake (recipe to come).


Where have you seen love lately?

Happy Friday!
XO, Tobi