Weekend Rewind

Was it just me, or was this weekend special?  Maybe it was the solar eclipse?  The weather was perfect.  I was productive but also had time to relax.  I got paid.  I was able to dabble in a few fun activities such as shopping, golf, gardening and basketball.  I don’t think it gets much better.  Especially when it seems like most weekends I am running a marathon trying to do the laundry, buy groceries, find some inner peace, clean the house, and spend quality time with the hubs, all before returning to work on Monday.  This weekend wasn’t like that.  In fact, it was quite glorious and peaceful.

We started off the weekend by floating the Madison River in the hubby’s new (used) fishing raft.  He’s been looking for the perfect raft for the past two years, sifting through hundreds of Craigslist and newspaper ads.  We made a deal that he could finally buy one when he finished college and got his first job…both of which he’s accomplished this month!  I’m so very proud of him!

On Thursday afternoon, we took it out for the very first time, all 3 dogs in tow.  I would be lying if I said the float was blissful…maybe the first 10 minutes were, but the wind was whipping in a downpour that hit about halfway through the float.  We had to take out early, cold, wet, and windblown.  I sat in the intense rain and guarded the raft while my love hitch-hiked back to get his truck.  I was soaked through by time he got back and I had a chill…but hey, it was (at least) memorable and I caught a tiny fish, my first catch in years!

It was great to see this grown man, giddy like a school girl, captain of his new toy.

Friday night we went golfing and had dinner with friends (didn’t bring the camera, sorry).

Saturday morning, before hubby had to work, we went to my nephew and niece’s basketball games.  My niece is in fourth grade and plays on an all boy’s team…they call her “the girl” but she just laughs and then shows them up.  By the way, both of their teams took home the first place trophy!

Her younger sister doesn’t play, but is a good little cheerleader.  During the games, I styled her hair and she modeled my new shades.

Saturday night, we saw The Dictator and found out I have a crush on Sasha Baron Cohen, which kind of embarrasses me.  The movie was crude and there were parts that pushed my prudish limits, but please don’t judge me for laughing my butt off.

Oscars 2012: The Red Carpet

Oscars 2012: The Red Carpet (Photo credit: Beacon Radio)

Sunday morning, before Matt (I’m sick of calling him hubby) had to work, we sat in the sun on the patio and had a smoothie.  Best friends, up to no good…

Getting some sun on my pigs….and remembering to walk by faith.


Come here, so I can kiss you!

Later we went and bought a bunch of awesomeness for our garden, including herbs, perennials, and veggies.  After my usual chores, I went golfing with my mom …(and again forgot the camera…bad blogger alert!)

How was your weekend?

XO, Tobi