Autumn and Gratitude

There must be something in the crisp fall air making me feel so cozy on the inside…and by cozy I mean grateful and happy and full. Maybe it has to do with moving… Continue reading


I remember the first sighting of bright red blood in my underwear, causing panic to race through my body. Though I already knew inside that it was over, I called my doctor immediately, before leaving the… Continue reading

The Sunny Side {7}

Welcome, October! I love this time of year…the warm foods, spicy drinks, cozy sweaters, fuzzy slippers, crunchy leaves, the first snow, and the excitement of upcoming holiday festivities! Take a look at some… Continue reading

Why it’s the hardest job

I remember hearing over and over throughout my life that being a stay at home mom (SAHM) is the “hardest job” and thinking that it probably wasn’t. It’s probably something we as a society… Continue reading

Lessons Lately

About three weeks ago we made a temporary move about an hour away from home to live closer to Matt’s work. This has been stressful for me trying to get everything the kids and… Continue reading

Ten Reasons I Feel Like a Fraud

The top 10 reasons I sometimes feel like a fraud.  I’m better online than in person! This is true. Virtual reality has a positive effect on me. I feel more outgoing and more… Continue reading