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Summer Highlights, 2014

Now that summer is over for another 9 months or so, I thought a recap of 2014 was in order. It wasn’t a super-fun-action-packed summer like we normally have, mostly because of my… Continue reading

Babymoon in Vancouver

We had big plans for this summer. We planned to go to a Mexican beach for my 30th birthday. We planned to hit the rivers hard on the raft. We planned to visit… Continue reading

Blissed-Out in Florence

After we left Levanto and the Cinque Terre region, we trained our way to Pisa and then to ol’ Firenze, or as we English-speakers call it, Florence.  Ah, Florence…  It was romantic with… Continue reading

Levanto and the Cinque Terre

I now get to tell you about my favorite stop on our adventure…Well, besides for the magical experience we had on the island of Jersey.  I adored the little town of Levanto on… Continue reading

C’est Nice!

If you missed previous posts from our Euro adventure, here you go… Amsterdam, Paris & Jersey I cannot tell you how wonderful the Nice sun felt after two weeks of wind, rain and cloudy skies!… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: Home is Bliss

Phew!  I apologize for my blogging absence.  I’ve missed you all!  Not only reading your blogs, but interacting with you on mine. The trip became very long and I became too exhausted to even… Continue reading