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Blissed-Out in Florence

After we left Levanto and the Cinque Terre region, we trained our way to Pisa and then to ol’ Firenze, or as we English-speakers call it, Florence.  Ah, Florence…  It was romantic with… Continue reading

Levanto and the Cinque Terre

I now get to tell you about my favorite stop on our adventure…Well, besides for the magical experience we had on the island of Jersey.  I adored the little town of Levanto on… Continue reading

C’est Nice!

If you missed previous posts from our Euro adventure, here you go… Amsterdam, Paris & Jersey I cannot tell you how wonderful the Nice sun felt after two weeks of wind, rain and cloudy skies!… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: Home is Bliss

Phew!  I apologize for my blogging absence.  I’ve missed you all!  Not only reading your blogs, but interacting with you on mine. The trip became very long and I became too exhausted to even… Continue reading

Jersey, where the cows come from

Wow! I’ve let myself get a little behind! We are now on the last leg of our adventure and are in Florence. My last blog was about Paris, so now it’s time to… Continue reading

What’s so romantic about Paris?

What’s so romantic about Paris? That’s what my wonderful husband asked me as we took our first stroll to the Eiffel Tower. I was giddy with excitement and raving about how romantic it… Continue reading