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Fridays Off

Did I mention that I get Friday’s off with my new job!? This may be the best thing to happen to me since discovering Justin’s Maple Almond Butter! (Best eaten by the spoonful.)… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: Snowballs and Babies!

Happy freaking Friday! This has been a LONG week for me, so the weekend is my silver lining right now. I have a few things I want to share with all ya’ll today… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: Angels and Demons

Loca is such a little angel. She is a snuggle machine. She poops where she is supposed to. She doesn’t destroy my house. She obeys. She sleeps most of the time. She’s so… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: First time face-timing and more!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted a Dlog. Life’s been busy, busy and I’m happy to be donating a bit of my free time on this Thursday night to my… Continue reading


I’ve had three weeks off of grad school and it has been fabulous and a much needed break.  I may have not been as productive as I could have been.  I haven’t been… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: Cats and Dogs

Today I introduce Miss Luna! She’s our psychotic, Friday the 13th, black cat.  We call her Loony for short. She was a stray kitten who we adopted from the shelter.  Did you know… Continue reading