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That awkward moment when…

We thought it would be easy to stroll in as a family of four and enjoy a nice Mexican lunch. I should have known better based on my batting average that day. You… Continue reading

Getting back to my Norwegian roots

I’m a super mutt by way of my Czeck/Native American/French Canadian/Irish/German heritage. I always say that I have excellent tracking abilities because of my Native American blood–I think I’m about 1/64 split between… Continue reading

My real résumé

I have been searching for a job-upgrade, on and off, for about two years now.  Sadly, through this process I’ve found that I’m not very hire-able based on my professional credentials.  Frankly, my… Continue reading

Hair Update Ten

Dear blog and followers, Please forgive my absence and refrain from throwing stones!  I have been so busy lately, so much that I’ve been neglecting you.  Every day I have guilt for my… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: Alien Ear

These photos of Loca make me laugh, with her little ear standing at attention.  We could all use some laughs this week, am I right?  I hope this Friday finds you well and… Continue reading

{5} Reasons Reality TV is a Joyful Indulgence

I recently read a post at Truth and Cake about what we can all learn from American Idol.  It was a great article and got me thinking about reality TV.  Rian was shy… Continue reading