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A Poll: The Best and Worst of Twin-Parenting

Throughout my short time as a parent, I’ve relied heavily on the advice and support of other mamas (mainly those with twins) who’ve already walked this path. It wasn’t long after I found… Continue reading

a day in my life

My very first post on this blog was about how I like to glance into other people’s windows at night while I’m out walking. Not in a creepy, stalker kind of way, although my husband… Continue reading

Nora and Knox Are One!

Let’s face it, the first couple of birthday parties are more for the parents than the kids. The kids would probably eat more of their first cake if it was a meat loaf.… Continue reading

10 strange ways to know you’ve arrived at motherhood

You’ve grabbed both of your breasts simultaneously in public hoping to avoid leakage, or because you still can’t believe they went from a B to a DDD, or because you’re so tired you… Continue reading

Our Weekend in Photos

Before I start, I want to thank all of you for your feedback! I love when I’m processing something and I can share it with my blogging community. It seems that everyone validated… Continue reading

Life lately, in pictures

My life is beautiful…not without it’s challenges, mind you, but beautiful just the same. Hunting for bliss is about focusing on the magical, ordinary moments that might normally get taken for granted, but… Continue reading