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10 strange ways to know you’ve arrived at motherhood

You’ve grabbed both of your breasts simultaneously in public hoping to avoid leakage, or because you still can’t believe they went from a B to a DDD, or because you’re so tired you… Continue reading

Our Weekend in Photos

Before I start, I want to thank all of you for your feedback! I love when I’m processing something and I can share it with my blogging community. It seems that everyone validated… Continue reading

Life lately, in pictures

My life is beautiful…not without it’s challenges, mind you, but beautiful just the same. Hunting for bliss is about focusing on the magical, ordinary moments that might normally get taken for granted, but… Continue reading

love is everywhere

I’ve had these two strings of lights in a box in the nursery for months now. I could never settle on what to do with them, but felt they needed a purpose. One… Continue reading

Story Mill

Yesterday we took the twins out for their first real nature walk. They have been on walks around our neighborhood, but never outside of town, so it was a little bit special. Sure… Continue reading

Parenthood Fears

As much as we wanted children and a family, I can honestly tell you that Matt and I were both terrified to become parents. When it came down to taking the plunge, we… Continue reading