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7 months pregnant {and} goodbye hair!

I’m pretty sure that all of my creative juices are being sucked up into my womb in creating these babies. I have not been in the mood to blog–lacking anything interesting to say.… Continue reading

Genders–Revealed in a non-creative way

I promised that I would share the twins’ genders when I found out. Well, we found out last week and I’m so¬†excited to share! We decided not to do a big party or… Continue reading

When two become four

I’ve struggled with when and how I wanted to share this news with all of you. It is important to me to keep some parts of my life private, like the frequency of… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: Snowballs and Babies!

Happy freaking Friday! This has been a LONG week for me, so the weekend is my silver lining right now. I have a few things I want to share with all ya’ll today… Continue reading

Let’s talk about infertility for a minute

This is not an infertility blog, but I feel it is important to share part of this journey with all of you. I know that at least ten of my regular readers are… Continue reading

Christmas Break: Part 1

I just love this time of year! Matt and I both get two weeks off of work to do whatever we please (sort of), with relaxation being the main goal. We spent time… Continue reading