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Parenthood Fears

As much as we wanted children and a family, I can honestly tell you that Matt and I were both terrified to become parents. When it came down to taking the plunge, we… Continue reading

The Urge to Blog

I woke up this morning with many thoughts swirling around in my mind. I had a rough night of sleep with the babies and strange dreams made my sleep that much less restful.… Continue reading

Welcome to the world, Knox and Nora

One week ago today I was in the most pain and panic of my life. I had gone to the hospital early Saturday morning because of upper back pains that kept getting worse,… Continue reading

Summer Highlights, 2014

Now that summer is over for another 9 months or so, I thought a recap of 2014 was in order. It wasn’t a super-fun-action-packed summer like we normally have, mostly because of my… Continue reading

Babymoon in Vancouver

We had big plans for this summer. We planned to go to a Mexican beach for my 30th birthday. We planned to hit the rivers hard on the raft. We planned to visit… Continue reading

Friday Dlog: Home on the Range

I’m from the smallest town ever (pop. 100), and it’s called Grass Range. It’s a place I’ve spent a lot of years trying to get away from, but it’s also home in many… Continue reading