Friday Dlog: The Dog Days are Over

The dog days are over, ya’ll.  As I write this, it is minus 17 degrees outside, but feels like minus 37. The high for today was zero-freaking-degrees-fahrenheit! I heard a rumor that these are record-setting cold temps! Personally, I can’t feel a difference after it drops below zero…after that it all feels the same to me.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was walking Loca after work on a warm Fall afternoon. It was beautiful.


Now it looks like frozen Narnia, still beautiful, but frigid and frosty.


I’m thankful for my Subaru with all wheel drive. It handles the weather and icy roads especially well.

So I guess it’s time to officially hunker down into the dark, cold season. It’s time for candles, hot tea, slippers, butt warmers, long-johns, and Christmas decorations.  It isn’t so bad, you know. There’s more time for all of the things that get passed over during the warm months…cleaning the junk drawer, spending time with loved ones, trying a new soup recipe, baking, soaking in a hot bath.  It seems we are forced to slow down.

This weekend we are going to chop down our tree, decorate while listening to the Elvis Christmas album, and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I love traditions. I love that Matt and I have created our own. I was talking with some kids at work about our favorite holidays and traditions, and I have to say that Christmas takes the cake for me.  I love the lights, the coziness, the music, the smell of pine–so wonderful! The fourth of July, spent on a lake, is a close second.

Here is a flashback photo from last year’s Christmas tree hunt–definitely not as cold and snowy, I think I was wearing a T-shirt.


I hope you all have a great weekend!  

What is your favorite tradition of the holiday season?

XO, Tobi