Mom’s Birthday

Today is my mom’s birthday. I have it on good authority that she reads every one of my posts on this blog, so this one’s for her.

We don’t have a storybook kind of mother-daughter relationship, but I’m so grateful for what we do have. I’ve always been a momma’s girl, and we just kind of understand each other. We don’t usually agree on politics. We don’t always communicate well, and she drives me a little bit nuts.  But she is the woman who loved me first, and the one who loves me the most. IMG_4195

Yep.  She even loved me when I looked like this…Then again, I loved her even though she wore that shirt with that perm!


We were lucky enough to have each other during the divorce.  It was so hard to go through but it brought us much closer than we would have been otherwise. Looking back, I’m actually thankful for those years of struggle.





We’ve grown into good friends, she’s still the one I call to cry to, and the one I ask for advice….although I don’t usually do what she advises. We accept each other and have each other’s backs.


I know that she is proud of me, but she may not know that I am also proud of her. She is brave, beautiful, hard-working, and so generous.


Happy birthday mom!  I love you.

XO, Tobi