Awesome Autumn Adventures!

Autumn has been a fantastic whirlwind filled with growth and change and psychotic weather and new candles and fun and change and yummy food. By now,  we’ve checked off most of the items on our fall to do list.

I’m not sure how “awesome” it all looks from your viewpoint. Or, maybe it looks perfect from the outside, with all of those social media filters put on my life.  Whatever it seems, the last couple of months have been made of tiny moments stitched together to create some kind of rugged beauty…kind of like a handmade, mismatched quilt…made by a high school home-ec student.  It hasn’t been glamorous or shiny.  It’s not exactly what I want it to look like. There has been a lot of anxiety. There has also been grace, love, and a few of those Oprah “aha” moments. For some reason, the mix of confusion, tears, growth, magic and love make life entertaining, real and extraordinarily beautiful. Everything is just as it should be, and somewhere deep inside of me I know that is the absolute truth.

Looking back at my pictures reminds me that I take a lot for granted and also that I shouldn’t take anything for granted.  It reminds me of my blessings and the beauty that surrounds me. Here are some photos from this (eventful) fall.

“Like a bird on a wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir…”


I love my nieces to pieces.


Who needs silver linings when you can have gold?


Golfing isn’t my favorite, but it’s a great way to spend a crisp, fall afternoon with friends.



One of our many pumpkin spice latte samplings.


I got my mask on with my girlfriends, and it was awesome.


One of our old pine trees had to be removed, exposing the hideous neighboring house, but also exposing a “mountain view.”


A blissful Saturday morn.


Have I ever mentioned my love of spirals?


I was trying to be a hiptser on this day.  Did you know the word “selfie” has been added to the dictionary?


Love those fall colors.


Coach Matt’s last game of the season. Glad to have my husband back, but I am so proud of him.


Why the long face?


Play! Play! Play!


The sunsets have been amazing, even if they do happen at 5pm.


Crazy kids on a Sunday drive.


The devil-cat, Luna, thinks she is helping with my homework.


Udderly preposterous I tell you!


Delish mediterranean platter!


Luna and the sunset.


Don’t tell Pancho, but he’s not a lap dog.


I drank this on date night and it made me feel as though I was at the beach.


And now for my favorite photo…Matt, sitting in a rocking chair, mending the cat bed (aka Pancho’s girlfriend) with a needle and thread.  He’s not only kind and handsome, but he knows how to sew. **Swoon**


XO, Tobi